HealthFax comes to your worksite with a staff of medical professionals and state-of-the-art screening technology. Participants receive their testing results in 3-5 minutes.

Flu Immunizations

HealthFax only uses RN’s and LVN’s to administer the needle shots. The flu vaccine is made from dead virus – you cannot get the flu from a flu shot!

A Targeted Approach

With a personal approach and a dedicated staff, HealthFax offers on-site Health Fair style, cost-effective, health promotion services.

  • HealthFax comes to your work site with appropriate highly trained technicians, medical staff and state-of-the-art screening technology.
  • Along with their results, employees receive educational material and individual health counseling.
  • HealthFax has over 35 years of screening and health promotion experience.

We accommodate large and small companies, single-site or multi-site events, and we represent the event sponsor with sensitivity and professionalism.

Our approach

HealthFax offers lunch and learn talks, exercise and cooking demonstrations through partnership with health promotion experts via our Speaker’s Bureau. HealthFax partners with a massage therapy group to facilitate seated chair message for our clients.


Choose from a wide variety of health related topics or you may choose to have a custom program designed for you. See the list of presentations for a partial list of available topics. Our personable speakers are well-qualified and knowledgeable and they enjoy sharing information on staying well.

Cooking Healthy

With the rising health concerns surrounding obesity, knowing how to cook healthy for yourself or a family is increasingly important.We’ve put together great topics such as “Nutrition for Adults”, “Super-Foods” and “Nutrition for Children.”

Seated Chair Massage

HealthFax partners with a group of massage therapists to offer seated chair massage so your clients may rest and rejuvenate.

Our Clients

We accommodate large and small companies, single-site or multi-site events, and represents the sponsor with sensitivity and professionalism.

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HealthFax accommodates large and small companies – single-site and multi-site events, stretching from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Discount pricing for larger groups.

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